Surgical care


Our doctors are available for surgery daily, and routinely perform procedures such as spays, castrations, declaws, tumor removals, and gastrotomies. We are also equipped for more extensive surgical procedures when necessary. Advanced orthopedic procedures, including cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) repairs, are referred to Dr. Chris Hill who travels to our hospital as needed for consultations and surgery.


Pre-operatively, our doctors will order a blood panel to analyze internal organ function as it pertains to metabolizing anesthetic gas and will then develop your pet's individual anesthetic drug protocol. Proper aseptic techniques for instrumentation and the surgery field are followed by our surgeons and technicians. Each procedure is monitored and recorded by a licensed veterinary technician and vital signs monitor to ensure the safety of your pet.

Post-Op Care

After morning procedures, patients are allowed to recover in a warm, padded kennel as the effects of anesthesia wear off. Patients are checked regularly for comfort and adequate pain control. The majority of our surgeries are outpatient procedures allowing your pet to be picked up in the late afternoon and finish recovering in the comfort of their home.

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