Illness, injuries & diagnostics.

When illness and injury occur, we are here for you and your pets!

We suggest calling our office when symptoms of illness or injury are first noticed. Our support team can help you determine if a doctor’s visit is needed. Appointments can typically be scheduled within 24 hours; emergencies are always accommodated immediately.

Our hospital is equipped to provide the general laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, and pharmaceuticals needed to identify and treat common ailments our four-legged companions face.

Services Available

Pet Insurance

We accept all reimbursement pet insurance policies and are happy to help fill out claim forms after each visit. There are many reputable companies offering pet insurance, VPI being the most popular among our clients.

Specialty Referrals

If it is in the best interest of your pet, we may recommend referring complex medical conditions to an area board certified specialist. In these cases, our doctors will work on behalf of you and your pet to communicate all pertinent information and remain abreast to any changes and progress throughout the course of treatment. Specialist contact information can be found on our pet "Community Resources" page.

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