How To: Brush Your Dog's Teeth (video)

Dr. Rainwater and her dog, Zulie, demonstrate how to brush your pet's teeth. Just 1 minute, every day for healthy teeth and gums. You CAN do it!


  1. Use a pet-specific, enzymatic toothpaste instead of a human toothpaste.
  2. Start with a fingerbrush and work your way up to a toothbrush.
  3. Create a routine to brush teeth before a meal or treat to reward the behavior.
  4. Start slow! Let your pet lick the toothpaste as a treat and brush a few front teeth.
  5. Brush each tooth and the gum line in a circular motion.
  6. Focus on the outsides of the teeth. (The tongue will clean the insides.)
  7. Make sure to brush all of the molars in the back of the mouth - they're easy to miss.