DIAH on Wheels - Our New Charity!

Have you Heard?

DIAH on Wheels is a new charitable organization founded by Dr. Lynne Flood, owner veterinarian of Daniel Island Animal Hospital. Dr. Flood has been practicing veterinary medicine for 21 years and opened DIAH in January of 2004. Her passion is caring for older patients; helping them feel better for longer. She recently completed a certification in gerontology, which further fueled her interest in care for aging humans and animals. Dr. Flood knows how much joy a healthy pet can bring, especially to the elderly. DIAH on Wheels is her way of spreading that joy by keeping pets and their owners happy and healthy!

Our organization is partnering with Berkeley Seniors to provide a pet food bank and veterinary care to animals of seniors in need in Berkeley County. Our primary goal is to address public health issues by providing pet care services. Pets benefit the elderly by providing them love and companionship, while also keeping them happy and active. Thus, by maintaining pet health, we hope to improve the lives of animals and humans alike. We plan to provide items and services in the form of: pet food and supplies, vaccinations, medicine for sick animals, and spays and neuters for unaltered pets.

We are a registered SC public charity and 501(c)3 Private Foundation.

Want to get involved?

Any help from the community is greatly appreciated! Here is a list of items and services that would help our efforts:

  • Climate-controlled and secure storage unit (preferably on Daniel Island)
  • Outdoor electrical outlet to power the refrigerator in our ambulance, until ours is functioning
  • Dog and cat food
  • Medical supplies
  • Cat litter
  • Dog and cat bedding
  • Flea and heartworm prevention
  • Monetary donations

Donations are being collected at Daniel Island Animal Hospital or though our online fundraising page at GoFundMe: