CATober 2019

Join us in celebrating our 6th annual CATober where we focus on all things feline. Throughout the month, we dedicate employee training on best practices for safe, low-stress cat handling techniques, work to educate our clients and community on feline health and behavior, and review our Cat Friendly Practice certification commitments.

The event is wrapped with a cat-only veterinary wellness day where we offer an examination, all recommended vaccines, fecal parasite screen, and a dose of parasite prevention…all for just $99!

Nationally, cats represent 43% of the small animal population but less than 25% of the dog-cat mix in veterinary practices. Locally, we are aiming to close that gap by lowering the barriers cat parents face when weighing the pros and cons of providing routine wellness care.

In addition to a great financial deal, on CATober Monday, we strive to minimize typical veterinary hospital stressors by only welcoming cats into the building, removing as many dog smells as we can, filling the air with Feliway calming pheromones, piping in relaxing classical music, and moderating our sounds and movements for maximum feline friendliness.

We hope our cattitude makes positive impacts on you, your cat, and our community all year long.

Join us! Details Below:

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