Payment Plan Options

We understand that managing the cost of veterinary care can be challenging and want to do whatever we can to help! Whether you are trying to get caught up on wellness and dental care or are facing an unexpected illness or injury, we are happy to offer payment plans to our clients upon request. Below are our two options for invoices that cannot be paid in full the day of service. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan, please let a receptionist know in advance of check-out if possible. 

Under $150

Balances under $150 may be kept on an in-house payment plan. A credit card number will be auto drafted or held check deposited on the date of your choosing, within 30 days of original service. No interest will accrue on this balance as long as it is paid within the agreed upon time frame.

Over $150

Balances exceeding $150 will be sent to a third party payment manager, PaymentBanc, with eligibility determined by credit check. A no-interest payment plan will be set up through PaymentBanc with auto draft from a checking or savings account or credit card with terms determined by credit recommendation. There is a $40 annual set-up fee for this service. For more information, their website is:

The Fine Print

All accounts on which no payment is made for 30 days or more will be subject to an interest rate of 18% APR, billed monthly with a minimum handling charge of $5 per statement. Any existing outstanding account balance can be converted to one of the above no-interest payment plans by contacting our office. For members of our Wellness Rewards Program, no rewards will be garnered on payments received after the day of service.

We hope these plans allow for the best possible veterinary care to be affordable and accessible to you and your pets. Thank you for your loyal patronage!